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‘Old fashioned Beardies with old fashioned temperaments.’

It all began at Pershore in 1961 when the fruit lecturer's wife brought two shaggy dogs with her to a practical out in the orchards. She was Betty Foster and they were Bearded Collies, a very little known breed at that time, and Nicolas was instantly captivated.
In 1964, having just left Pershore, he bought a bitch pup from Betty, and Bredon Whisper became the foundation of his breeding line. A dog, Bredon Quarry, joined her in 1967, and in 1968 the first Sallen litter was born.
Some years after the move to Scotland in 1969, Nicolas began judging the breed, eventually awarding cc's for the first time in 1985. Nell also judged, but only at Limited and Open shows; nowadays she feels that the breed has changed too greatly for her to judge.
Sallen Beardies have always been first and foremost our companions. Showing was fun until the breed began to be changed, Breeders developing longer and denser coats and larger and heavier animals. Sallen Beardies remain faithful to the type they started as, shaggy workmanlike dogs with weatherproof coats which are easily managed and happy but sensible temperaments.
Sallen Harrar (Harry) is Bearded Collie Scottish Branch Stud Dog of the year 2012 winning the Balmacneil Jock Trophy (the worlds oldest Beardie trophy) and winner of the Veteran Dog Trophy;
Harry was also one of the highest placed Scottish Beardies at Crufts this year, being 2nd in Veteran Dog (a class of 23 with eight champions in it).

Sallen Hector (Harry’s son) was runner up for the Bearded Collie Club Scottish Branch Balformo Shield Puppy trophy 2012